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Trade show Magician - London Based - Available Worldwide

Do you want to make you company stand out?

Here's why you need Greg at you next Trade Show

  • Increase visability of your stand & raise your company profile
  • Crowds attract more people = contstant footfall to your booth
  • Break the ice with delegates & bring them onto the stand
  • Engage potential & existing cLients while they wait for the sales team
  • Present a product & USP's in a memorable way
  • Qualify leads
  • Capture data
  • Help develop new markets
  • Create brand awareness by incorporating your company message & products into the magic

Investing in a Trade Show Magician is a unique and proven promotional solution to break the ice and bridge the gap between your booth and the hundreds of potential clients that will pass the stand over the period of the expo.

Having Greg at your booth interacting with passing traffic will guarantee to increase the footfall onto your stand. Once they have been engaged, Greg will pass them over to a member of the sales team or keep them busy and build a bigger crowd if no one from sales is available.

This technique will enable you to have the potential to dramatically increase your sales. Utilising Greg while the sales team are unavailable is an extremly valuable asset as he will keep potential prospects at your stand where as they would normally walk by if no one was free to speak. This potential loss of business is a common problem that most companies do not consider prior to the show.

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trade show magician

Break The Ice

Visual & fun magic combined with a little bit of charm will break the ice and relax potential clients within seconds.

trade show magician

Engage Delegates

Greg will turn paper into money, demonstrate jaw dropping sleight of hand and use some very powerful mind reading to engage delegates and most importantly - deliver your key messages and 'prime' them to speak with the sales team.

trade show magician

Branded Trade Show Magic

Greg's magic will leave a lasting impression!
Souveniers are left with the clients such as playing cards with their name on which will end up pinned to the fridge or notice board - imagine if these are printed with your logo on the back, each time they see the card, they will think of your company - resulting in future potenital sales!

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